Anaheim Anaheim Chilli 1 A large chilli great to cook.

Usage: Salads, Sauces, BBQ's, Roast or stuff with cheese


Joes Long 5 A very long pencil thin chilli hottest when ripened to red. Can also be used fresh when green.

Usage: Great in pizza toppings

Heatwave Heatwave 6 A general all round hot chilli. Ripens to either yellow or red
Hungarian Hot HUngarian Hot 6 Hottish with a sweet and succulent taste. Starts yellow and ripens to red.

Usage: Great to stuff with cheese or rice

Hot Lemon Hot Lemon 8 Crisp yellow chilli with a nice lemon flavour.

Usage: Great with Fish

Indian PC Indian PC 8 one of the hottest indian chillies


Ancho Ancho 2 Similar to the Anaheim chilli
Jalapeno 6 Bullet shaped with a soft smooth skin and a hot vegetable flavour the Jalapeno is probably one of the worlds best known chillies.

Use in: Soups and stews or roasted and stuffed with cheese. Red Jalapenos especially are great stuffed with cream cheese, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Chipotles Chipotles TBC Chipotles chillies have a smoky, sweet flavour and are made by drying and smoking a Jalapeno chilli. 

Usage: Generally used to flavour Mexican dishes.

** Available later in the year

Orange Habanero Orange Habanero
Extensively used in Caribbean cooking this extremely hot chilly has a lovely flavour beneath the heat.

Usage: Hot Sauces

Caribbean Red Hot Carribean Red Hot 10 Widely believed to be the hottest chilli in the world - its twice as hot as the Habanaeo.

Can be used when green but they are at their hottest when ripened to red.

Usage: Very hot sauces

Thai Dragon Thai Dragon 7 A small chilli goes a long way!

Often used in Thai Cooking and are also added to picking onions to give that extra bite.

Thailand 8 Good to dry for all round use
Super Hot Thai 8 One of the most popular chillies grown in Thailand
Thai Bangkok 8 a very hot chilli that ripens to a reddish purple colour. Good to dry and string up in the kitchen

1 Not really a chilli. These peppers are very popular in Tapas bars. Mild with the occasional hot one that sneaks in! Fry in olive oil, drain and sprinkle with sea salt and eat with your fingers. Delicious!