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New Chillies2U Products

Product Name Image Description Price
Habanero Heatwave This is a hot sauce made using the orange Habanero chilli. It has a great fruity flavour and goes well with Pork or Chicken and especially Sausages. 3.75 + p&p
Caribbean Hot This very hot sauce is made with the chilli of the same name "Caribbean Red Hot". A little goes a long way with this one and is popular to use on kebabs and burgers 4 + p&p
Hot Sweet & Sour dipping sauce A very Simple dipping sauce made using fresh ingredients including home grown Thai chillies. In fact its just like the dipping sauce I was server last time I was in Thailand. 2.50 + p&p
Chilli Olive Oil Good Olive Oil infused with Thai chillies. We also have an oil made using the Chilli Lemon Drop. This chilli has a lemon flavour and is great with Fish 5 + P&P
Dried Chillies These dried Thai chillies are our most popular line and can be used rehydrated or just crumbled up in many dishes. Other more specialist chillies are often available such as: Pasilla, Mulato, Ancito or Lemon Drop but please call to check availability. 2 per pack + p&p
Holy Trinity

picture coming soon

We now have a pack called the "Holy Trinity" containing one each of Pasilla, Mulato and Ancho for use in the famous Mole Sauce. 3 per pack +p&p








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